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Are you tired of sending price quotations to hundreds of buyers per day and not getting required response from them? OR You are not able to generate leads for your Solar Business OR You are responding to hundreds of buyers per day but they coming out to be  bogus / non-genuine / fake buyers? Team ISM understands every aspect of Seller perspectives. How? Because Team ISM knows a simple fact that what does every Seller Needs? Genuine Buyers, Isn’t it? We understand that it is very difficult to generate leads and to convert them but not anymore as Team ISM will be doing all your work at no extra cost. So basically you will be hiring us for doing your business development work and to generate leads and maintaining the buyer-seller relationship. We will get you deals and will check the genuinity of buyer so that you don’t have to worry about business development. Team ISM will be screening thousands of buyers and selecting the ones which are genuine and are really interested in purchasing of products and services.

  1. We will also support the sellers by providing complete consultancy in getting required certifications for the solar generation projects.
  2. We will help in Liaisoning for the projects.
  3. For bigger projects, such as Solar Farms, we will several solar developers into a joint venture for better

Once you will be registered with us and after certain time interval and suitable trust rating, you would be allowed to showcase your products & Services on our platform. Every Seller would be allowed to showcase top 10 products of their portfolio. The complete system will work on buyer rating basis.

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