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Myth: Grid connect rooftop solar kills the electricity bill
Myth: Grid connect rooftop solar kills the electricity bill

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Many solar installers in India claim that rooftop solar plant results in a zero electricity bill. We wonder if that is really true or just a pitch to create a business. Through this article, Indian Solar Market tries to find loopholes in these claims of solar installers.

It’s nothing more than a myth that a grid-connected rooftop solar installation reduces your electricity bill zero….

An electricity bill has broadly two components: Fixed charges and Energy charges. Other names of fixed charges are demand charges or monthly minimum fixed charges. Consumers can find these charges and other charges on their electricity bill.

Generally, fixed charges apply to your connected load. Energy charges, on the other hand, apply to your energy consumption. This means that even if you have not consumed a single unit of electricity during a month, you are still liable to pay the fixed charges for that month.

A rooftop solar plant to the max reduces your electricity cost but never eliminates it. It thus provides you with a greater autonomy against the rising electricity cost from the grid. A rooftop solar plant connects to the grid through a net-meter. A net-meter imports energy from the grid to your house or exports surplus energy from the plant to the grid. If the energy consumption in your house is lesser than what your rooftop plant is generating at any time, the case of surplus energy arises. Your rooftop solar plant exports the surplus energy to the grid. This surplus energy is set-off against your electricity bill. Therefore, even as you install a grid-connected rooftop solar on your premise you continue to receive the electricity bill from your electricity distribution licensee. The autonomy becomes zero during night hours and

Electricity bill thus reduces for two reasons: the cheaper cost of solar energy & offset of energy units on your bill by an amount exported to the grid. To install a rooftop solar plant consumers can get in touch with us. Industrial & Commercial consumers can also contact us for ZERO INVESTMENT OPTION



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